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NukkAI is the leader of new generation AI, we allow companies to solve complex problem while ensuring humans remain in control.

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Say goodbye to black boxes! With NukkAI algorithm, you understand how decisions have been made and eliminate bias by adapting the parameters in a simple way.


By combining different AI approaches, Our NuX AI engine is able to solve any complex problem We’re on the path to general AI, sky is our limit!

Time & cost efficient

By relying on human intelligence, the training of our algorithm is up to 200.000 times more efficient than for other AI models.​

Uses Cases

01. Complex planning solving

We help large companies solve planning problems involving the management of very large numbers of combinations and strong constraints in terms of explicability and compliance.


“Implementing NukkaI technology has been a game changer for Transavia. The AI toolbox helped us optimise our crew pairing process, reduce our operational crew costs, while keeping the human operator in command.”

emmanuel cachia
Emmanuel Cachia
Director of Flight Operations

02. Fusion of heterogeneous data

We develop heterogeneous data aggregation and ontologies to allow high-level queries and automate report creation at different levels of abstraction, also leveraging AI to discover new patterns. This technology is fully relevant for the Defense, Cybersecurity and finance sector. It also impacts any company that want to leverage data coming from different business units.


“This project is a significant technological advance in the military area, insofar as large volumes of heterogeneous data will be automatically analyzed and synthesized in real time. Our analysts will be able to focus on tasks where humans bring more added value.””

david sadek
David Sadek
Vice President Research Technology and Innovation

03. Adaptive learning

We leverage cognitive science and symbolic machine learning to design adaptive learning modules that provide the teacher with reliable and explainable feedback on the development of each learner’s skills.


“The Kartoon platform developed by NukkAI is a model of educational product using Artificial Intelligence while keeping its users at the heart of the experience. Each teacher will find exercises that will largely increase the number of activities regularly undertaken in class. The aim is not to replace the teacher, but to help them offer students a variety of activities that are perfectly suited to the particular needs of each student. ”

michel gouy
Michel GOUY
Honorary mathematics inspector-general at French Ministry of Education

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Meet the star team


We’ve gathered renowned international champions from multiple AI fields to create the most comprehensive AI toolbox for complex problem solving. ​

jean baptiste fantun


The Soul

Chief Executive Officer, I am the one who crystallizes our ideas into your solutions

tristan cazenave


The Professor

Artificial Intelligence researcher, my programs play (much) better than I do

henry soldano


The Wreckless

The one who does not play, still AIxplains to players how they (should not) play and why

véronique ventos


The Origin

Head of research, and NukkAI’s great agitator (of ideas)

jean pierre desmoulins


The Architect

Product leader, I am the one who makes everyone work together!

swann legras


The Sloth

Computer programmer, I try to get computers to work in my stead

junkang li


The Player

Computer scientist – what if we make AI less artificial, but more intelligent?

malik kazi aoual


The Explainer

XAI research student, sometimes I cannot explain my own decisions but my AI can!

david touitou


The Time Flow Manager

Office manager, I manage everything that is not intellectually productive.

camille sauvain


The Mentalist

Junior researcher, I try to get into the mind of bridge players.

solène thepaut ventos


The Data Wizard

As a machine learning researcher, I transform raw data into forecasts and predictions through complex models.

nouredine nour


The Alchemist

Research & development engineer, I turn NukkAI’s cutting edge research into gold.

alexis rimbaud


The Daft Punk

Software Engineer, I make code run harder, better, faster, stronger.

colin deheeger


The Bridge Druid

I mix all my knowledge about Bridge and Computer science together in my cauldron then I put a spell on NukkAI.

mathilde morel


The Locksmith

Cybersecurity intern, I keep the network safe, clean and happy

We have taken down a new frontier in AI: the game of Bridge

In March 2022, NukkAI achieved a major breakthrough by winning a bridge challenge against 8 World champions.​

Bridge was the latest challenge for AI, moving from simple games with complete information (chess & go) towards functioning a more complex real world filled with human agents and incomplete information.

We rely on the most advanced AI technologies

The originality of our approach is based on its hybrid nature (combination of several AI paradigms), making it possible to process incomplete data in a probabilistic universe while providing explanations to humans.​ We mix open source libraries & proprietary algorithms to create the most advanced hybrid AI toolbox. ​

Deep Learning

Inductive Logic Programming

Signal Processing

Multiagent System

Inductive Logic Programming

Active Learning

Cognitive Science

Abstraction Layer

Genetic Algorithms


Time Series Analysis

Natural Language Processing

Reinforcement Learning

Ontology Management

Open source


Our latest publications

Generalisation of Alpha-Beta Search for AND-OR Graphs With Partially Ordered Values. Conference, 2022

J. Li, B. Zanuttini, T. Cazenave, V. Ventos

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Cyber range automation, a bedrock for AI applications. Proceedings of the 28th C&ESAR, 2021

L. Gavaudan , S. Legras and V. Ventos

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Optimizing alpha-mu

T. Cazenave, V. Ventos

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NukkAI is proud to be backed by oustanding AI experts from both of academic & the business field.

“The NukkAI challenge is a fundamental breakthrough in the application of white box AI and can be expected in time to have widespread applications in other contexts in science, technology, and industry.”

stephen muggleton
Professor Stephen Muggleton
Royal Academy Chair of Machine Learning

“The NukkAI challenge is a fundamental breakthrough in the application of white box AI and can be expected in time to have widespread applications in other contexts in science, technology, and industry.
Nemo quaeso miretur, si post exsudatos labores itinerum longos congestosque adfatim commeatus fiducia vestri ductante barbaricos pagos adventans velut mutato repente consilio ad placidiora deverti.”

Louis Laporte
Mauris vulputate libero a feugiat vestibulum.

“The NukkAI challenge is a fundamental breakthrough in the application of white box AI and can be expected in time to have widespread applications in other contexts in science, technology, and industry.”

citation gary marcus - Home
Louis Laporte
co-author, Rebooting.AI, Founder, Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber)

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